Wednesday, February 13, 2013


L.O.V.E...Don't you just LOVE (no pun intended) that Natalie Cole song!? I do, it reminds me of being a kid and having that playing in the background while my folks were cooking supper, and I was doing...who knows the heck what. As a kiddo, I also remember that my folks didn't go all out for Valentine's day. I know this is going to sound corny, but they had romance in their life on a daily basis. My Dad would always help my mom in the kitchen and they, my brother and I would sit down to a candle lit dinner, almost every night, with jazz on and the t.v. off. We would laugh, cry, dream about the future, brainstorm new art and design projects, (burp, then get the evil stare) and  talk about our day... Unfortunately, evenings like these are becoming more and more rare in family units these days. 
Don't get me wrong, flowers, candy and romantic dinners are wonderful, I believe they should be done more often than JUST on Valentines day. I challenge you all, to not wait for a calender day to show love to your significant other, but to work on creating a beautiful ambiance on a daily basis to show everyone special in your life that you care. How, you ask? You don't have money, you say?
How simple is it to light a candle or two, throw on some nice music, dim the lights and enjoy each others presence...Let's all work on this my peeps.

I did very little around our barn for Valentines but wanted my place to be a little festive without spending ANY of our precious travel money.
I wanted to showcase a picture of my grandmother, reading a love letter from my grandpa (in a canoe) during World War II. This gorgeous picture is such an inspiration and represents true love at its finest.

 I made a little wire heart-shaped wreath and wrapped it with scrap striped fabric that I had left over... I think I shall leave it hanging year around.

Below, I hung some heart shaped Christmas ornaments on some gnarly branches to make a Valentines day tree. I love buying items that will work in decor for all different holidays and seasons.

 I love my husband to pieces and I adore this monogram (that I finally got) from the one and only, Southern Proper Monograms... Monograms and silhouettes never go out of style. They are timeless folks! Put em all over your house! This is over our headboard in our bedroom (which is still a major work in progress!).

I felt the outside of our barn looked a little Valentines day-ish, being that it's pink and white, so I thought I would share it with you! I recently painted this wooden bistro set (Annie Sloan) "Versailles Green" and think the green compliments the salmon color of the barn! Before and after photos coming soon!

A lantern lit on the front porch is a nice warm welcome to any guests that may pop over! Just remember if you do this, don't forget to blow it out...seriously.

 The wreath below fits in lovely with the Valentines day color scheme our barn "naturally" has going on.

While I was out in the cold lighting candles and taking pictures of wreaths, my husband invited me on a wintery walk.
Check out the family of deer we saw behind our barn!

My husband even protected me from...
It was super romantic, you should have seen it!

Trying to re-create the lovely days I remember at home as a kid, my husband and I lit candles, put the world music (which is an epic, exotic jango mix) station on, and cooked all day long. It was a beautifully romantic  and perfect day.
We made garlic naan...

Butter-Chicken Tikka Masala (A recipe I have been working on for 15 years), and iced chai tea lattes.

For dinner, we concocted  a coconut, lime, cilantro, curry poured over cinnamon-grilled chicken and cardamom-basmati rice. Yep, that's the long name we are calling it... The lovely day we just had IS FREE ROMANCE FOLKS, and it's available to all of you this Valentines day. 

Every day, focus on giving your presence to people... Please try my challenge. Your marriage, friendships, any relationship will be better with a little bit of extra effort, and a touch of ambiance!
By the way... I love sparkles.
Happy Valentines day!


  1. Molly, what a lovely post you wrote! Such simple and beautiful ideas and the food looks delicious. May you and your sweetheart spend many happy years together sharing your travels and love for one another.

    1. Thank you so much Lynn! We are so blessed to have the opportunity to travel the world together!He is amazing! Thank you so much for your sweet words! I hope you are having a blessed day!!

  2. Crap that chicken t. is making my mouth water, and it's 10:00 pm now and not even hungry. Did the real thing in India a few months ago, garlic naan, spicy daal and 20 kinds of curries. Words are unable to describe the tastes, plus nibbled a bunch of Indian fruits that I'll never be able to try again in my life.

    Nice blog you have, cheers!

    1. Beard, thank you so much! We are completely obsessed with Indian food and would love to try it in India some day, sounds simply fantastic! I love the mix of exotic flavors and the palette of deep rich colors.
      Your blog is wonderful and your daughter is adorable... My husband and I love your point of view on family life in 2011. The world would be a better place if people were a little bit more old fashioned... Have a blessed day and thank you for stopping by my little corner of the blog world.

  3. I totally agree with about valentines day, I feel like it has become a hallmark holiday, and really, love should be celebrated every single day if you are lucky to have it. I have never heard of that food, but it looks delicious!

    1. Oh you must try Indian food! Chicken Tikka masala and butter chicken with naan are so yummy!!! I hope you are well pretty girl and I love how you have added blue to your room!

  4. What a beautiful celebration of love! I'm loving the photo of your grandma in the canoe, reading the love letter. That chicken looks absolutely delicious. Would you mind sharing the recipe?

    1. Thank you so much! I will definitely be sharing the recipe soon! I love that picture as well, it warms my heart! I hope you have a blessed day!!


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